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Lee Filters Little Stopper

Lee Filters Little Stopper
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Brand:  LEE Filters


Out of stock. If you order this item now your card will be charged on checkout but delivery will be delayed.  

Out of stock. If you order this item now your card will be charged on checkout but delivery will be delayed.

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The Lee Filters Little Stopper is a long exposure filter that reduces the amount of light entering your lens by approximately six stops. This gives broad scope to create incredible images using slow shutter speeds or wide apertures.

Why use a Little Stopper?
At six stops, the Little Stopper is ideal for those low-light conditions at the beginning and end of the day (when the Big Stopper's ten stops may prove too much), allowing you to enjoy increased flexibility with exposure lengths.

In many shooting conditions, this means that detail and texture in areas of movement such as the sky and water would be reatined, while still conveying a sense of time passing

How to use the Little Stopper
1. Before fitting the Little Stopper, first compose your image.
2. Take a meter reading without the filter in place, and set your desired aperture and shutter speed.
3. Use the exposure tables to find the correct exposure. Your filter will have come with a printed exposure table. For example, if your meter reading suggests an exposure of 1/125sec at f/11, with the Little Stopper fitted, your exposure becomes 1/2 seconds at f/11. If your meter reading suggests an exposure of two seconds at f/11, with the Little Stopper fitted, your exposure 2 minutes.
4. With the Little Stopper inserted into the slot nearest the lens, attach the filter holder as usual and make your exposure.
5. Always use the sturdiest tripod you can when making long exposures, and take care not to knock the camera or tripod. Cover your viewfinder before releasing the shutter to avoid light encroaching onto the sensor or film and causing flare.

The Little Stopper can be used in conjunction with other filters such as Neutral Density Graduated Filters. Other filters should be set up and positioned in the filter holder as normal before using the Little Stopper, remembering to keep the slot in the filter holder nearest the lens free for the Little Stopper. 

White balance
Use of the Little Stopper may result in a slight colour cast. It's worth conducting some tests to learn either which colour-correction filters to use in conjunction with the Little Stopper, or which white balance settings to apply. If shooting Raw, any colour cast can be corrected easily at the post production stage.

Reciprocity failure
When making long exposures, film users need to take reciprocity failure into account. Different brands and speeds of film respond differently to long exposures, so always refer to the manufacturers' recommendations first. To be completely sure, carry out tests with your chosen emulsions and bracket your exposures.

(filter holder sold separately)

Lee Filters Statement - An explanation from LEE Filters.

We are in the fortunate position of having experienced an unprecedented demand for our filters over the past 2 years – in particular the neutral density graduated filters, the quality of which, we believe, is second to none.
We are able to attain this level of quality for the simple reason that the vast majority of our filters are hand-made. While this means we can be certain of customer satisfaction almost every time, the drawback is that we are able to produce only a limited number of filters each day – we cannot simply press a button and allow a machine do the rest.

We are as proud of our skilled team of technicians, who understand the complexities involved in producing filters that meet the standards expected by photographers, as we are of the products themselves.
In the past, we have investigated the possibility of automating our manufacturing system, but we remain convinced that this option would end up compromising the quality of our product – something we are not prepared to risk.

In order to resolve these issues, we are currently well under way with recruiting and training additional staff, as well as installing more manufacturing equipment in our factory.
This process has taken time, but it has vastly increased the production of our filters and lead times are dropping considerably.

We ship a large quantity of filters every week to our dealers worldwide and they will constantly have varying levels of either stock or back orders. Talking to your LEE dealer regularly or even pre-ordering should get you accurate information on current lead times and you are quite likely to find the more popular items in stock.

We hope the above offers some reassurance, and would like to finish by stating that LEE Filters are committed to producing filters of the highest quality, and we are continuing to research and develop new products to add to our already comprehensive range and meet the exacting needs of our customers. Both now and for the future.

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