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Lee Filters Foundation Kit
Lee Filters Foundation Kit£70.00

Holder for 100mm System

Lee Filters Upgrade Kit
Lee Filters Upgrade Kit£91.00

Upgrade Kit for 100mm System

Lee Filter Adaptor Rings
Lee Filter Adaptor Rings£24.00  -  £68.00

Adaptor Rings for 100mm System

Lee Filters Push-on Kit
Lee Filters Push-on Kit£90.00

Holder for 100mm System

Lee Filters Graduated Neutral Density Filters
Lee Filters Graduated Neutral Density Filters£91.00  -  £206.00

Filters for 100mm System.
Hard & Soft Grads, Sets & Individual Filters.

Lee Filters Neutral Density Standards
Lee Filters Neutral Density Standards£99.00  -  £110.00

For the 100mm system.

Lee Filters 105mm Polarisers & Rings
Lee Filters 105mm Polarisers & Rings£36.00  -  £248.00

For the 100mm System.

Lee Filters Net Set
Lee Filters Net Set£60.00

Set for 100mm System.
White Net with Hole, Black Net 1 with Hole & Black Net 2 with Hole.

Lee Filters Twilight Set
Lee Filters Twilight Set£95.00

Set for 100mm System.
Coral Stripe, Twilight Grad & Mahogany 3 Grad.

Lee Filters Warm Colour Temperature
Lee Filters Warm Colour Temperature£39.00

Resin - 100mm x 100mm

Lee Filters Multi-Filter Pouch
Lee Filters Multi-Filter Pouch£41.00

Holds 10 filters.

Lee Filters Filter Wrap
Lee Filters Filter Wrap£7.00

Holds 3 filters.

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