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Weincell MRB625

Weincell MRB625
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Part Number:  990120
Brand:  Wein

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We are the official UK distributor for Wein products

Replacement zinc air batteries for discontinued mercury cells.  Keeps older cameras, exposure meters etc. working.  
All cells are 1.35v which is the same as the original mercury version and maintains accuracy of the exposure meter - beware of alkaline 1.5v options, which do not!
All Weincells offer up to 10 years shelf life.


Agfa Optima Sensor

Alpa 9d, 10d

Ansco Autoset CdS

Balda Compact C126, CL126, 944X, 1000EL

Beaulieu MCR8G, 9.5G, Elec.R16, RC16G

Bronica S2, S2A

Canon A35F, A35 Datelux, Canonet 28, EF2, F1n, FTb, FTQL, FX, G111, Pellix, TLb, TX

Edixa CdS, LTL, TTL

Exakta TL500, RTL1000

Fujica Compact-FS, V2

Gossen Lunasix/2/3, Sixtar/2, Sixtomat/2/Electronic, Sinarsix

Hasselblad Prisma

Kiev 60TTL

Kodak Retina IF, IFF

Konica Autoreflex TC, T4, TC2, FM, EE.  

Kowa SE, SER, SET, Six, Super 66

Leica CL, Flex-SL, Flex-SL2 MOT, M4-2, M5, Meter MR

Mamiya 135

Minolta Hi-matic, ST, SRT100/101/303, 16, Colormeter, Flashmeter

Miranda Sensorex A/B/C

Nikon Nikkormat FT/FTN, Photomic F/FTN/T, Photomic Illuminator DL1

Olympus 35, FTL, OM1, OM1N, Pen D2

Pentacon Six TL, Super

Pentax SV, SPF

Petri Flex 7, FT, V611, TTL

Praktica LTL, LTL3, MTL3/5/50, Super TL

Rollei 35, 35 Classic, SL35/M, XF35

Sekonic L136/164/216/218/228/248

Sigma Flex-1

Topcon RE Super, RE2 Uni, Unirex - etc.

Voigtlander Bessamatic CS, Ultramatic CS, Vitessa 500S, 1000SR, Vito CST, VSL1

Yashica 124G, 35ME, 35MF, Minister D

Zeiss-Ikon Contarex S Electronic, Contarex Super, Icarex 35  

Zenit 19, AM, AM2, TTL etc.

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