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Douglas Grey Card

Douglas Grey Card
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 Douglas Grey CardDouglas Grey Card 
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Brand:  Douglas Software

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Douglas Software

The Douglas Grey Card is an essential part of any serious photographer’s tool kit when it comes to:

  • Exposure Measurement
  • Contrast Measurement
  • Colour Balancing
  • White Balance
The Douglas Grey Card, Mark II, combines the most advanced principles and materials with ease of use – right down to “one click” colour balance when using PaintShop Pro or PhotoShop. The universal “Douglas” covers all the angles, whether using flash, natural, tungsten or warm fluorescent lighting, negative film, transparencies or digital.

The Douglas Grey Card features include:

  • No artificial brighteners – which can distort exposure
  • Advanced, tough synthetic material – for years of use
  • Stain-free – unlike traditional card, the Douglas can be written on with a Chinagraph pencil or suitable markers, then cleaned with mild detergent or spray cleaner
  • Reflects the same proportion of all colours of light falling – including ultra-violet and the limit of visible red
  • More neutral reflectance than rival products – under the widest range of illumination, including tungsten, daylight, flash and warm fluorescent tubes.
  • Trusted scientific principles – with new materials to provide better colour balancing of digital and conventional materials.
  • Folded, the ‘Douglas’ is about A5 size – (8 1/2″ x 6″ / 210mm x 150mm) to fit snugly in your camera bag. Fully opened it is large enough to fill a 35mm camera viewfinder at 40 cm/1 ft 6 ins with a 50mm lens.

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