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The Ultimate Lens Hood (ULH)

The Ultimate Lens Hood (ULH)
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Price:  £20.00(Inc. 20% VAT)

Part Number:  ULHmini
Brand:  ULH

The ULHcombo consists of the ULH and the ULHmini

The ULHgocombo consists of the ULHgo and the ULHmobile

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Take reflection-free photos, videos & time-lapses through glass

ULH  Fits lens barrel 60mm or larger, Hood end 226mm (as illustrated)

ULHmini  Fits lens barrel 30mm or larger, Hood end 135mm

ULHgo  Fits lens barrel 50mm or larger, Hood end 210mm

ULHmobile  Fits lens barrel 30mm or larger, Hood end 110mm, also supplied with fixing clips

The Ultimate Lens Hood - ULH or the ULHgo - is an incredibly versatile collapsing silicone cone that will stretch to fit almost any DSLR, Mirrorless, M43 or Bridge camera lens

Gone are the days of struggling to take photos through windows without catching that glare that ruins your images. Even better - no longer will you have to spend hours in Photoshop trying to remove reflections when you get home!

For smaller pocket-sized cameras and smartphones with clip on lenses (eg. Moment/Lemuro/Olloclip) the ULHmini or the ULHmobile is the perfect glare-free partner

The anti-static coating applied to both sides of the ULH during manufacturing and doesn’t rub off and gives the ULH a silky smooth finish and helps to stop fluff, dirt and grit getting stuck to it

Supplied with a free microfibre cleaning cloth bag

Also available from our network of local stockists - please contact us to find the one nearest to you

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