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A1/230 EFN Lamp
A1/230 EFN Lamp£10.00

12v 75w

A1/231 EFP Lamp
A1/231 EFP Lamp£10.00

12v 100w

A1/252 EJL Lamp
A1/252 EJL Lamp£20.00

24v 200w

A1/259 ELC Lamp
A1/259 ELC Lamp£14.00

24v 250w

ELH Lamp
ELH Lamp£12.00

120v 300w

P3/3 Enlarger Lamp
P3/3 Enlarger Lamp£5.00

240v 75w

Dust Off Duster Classic
Dust Off Duster Classic£9.00  -  £38.00

With Chrome Vavle.

Dust off Duster Plus
Dust off Duster Plus£9.00  -  £36.00

With 360° Vector Valve.

Kenro Kenair Master Kit & Refill
Kenro Kenair Master Kit & Refill£11.00  -  £20.00

Clean Air Duster Aerosols.

Kenro Kenair Valve
Kenro Kenair Valve£9.00

Clean Air Duster Valve.

Ilford Multigrade Filter Set
Ilford Multigrade Filter Set£28.00  -  £52.00
t: 01636-823922
f: 01636-821719
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