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Elinchrom Tripods, Stands & Booms

Elinchrom Tripods, Stands & Booms
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Option: Standard Tripod Stand, 88-235cm (35-92Option: Tripod Set 2 (2 x 30101 Tripod + 1 x 33230 Bag)Option: Tripod Set 3 (3 x 30101 Tripod + 1 33220 Bag)Option: Tripod / Umbrella Set (2 x 30101 Tripod + 1 x 26350 + 1 x 26351 + 1 x 33220)
Option: Air Cushoned Tripod Stand, 105-264cm (41-104Option: Air Tripod Set (2 x 31041 Tripod + 1 x 33222 Bag)Option: Polystand 150-335cm (59-132Option: Hand Held Boom, 63-156cm (25-61

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Brand:  Elinchrom





This is Elinchrom's "Standard" lighting stand, as supplied in most of the lighting kits.

The Stand uses quick release levers that are quick and easy to use, especially if being used outdoors with cold hands!

Elinchrom Tripod 88–235 / EL30101

Diameter: 8 cm

Extention (Max.): 235 cm

Folded Size (min.): 88 cm

Load (max.): 4.5 kg

Weight (max.): 1.72 kg

Tripod Set 2 EL30162
Three sections extend to a height of 235 cm. Ideal for use with all major brands of studio lighting, these tripods are recommended to support lights with medium size softboxes. This tripod set is a good complement to the BRX To Go sets.

Elinchrom Tripod Air Stand 102-260 cm
The new air cushioned black aluminium tripod is designed to carry larger light banks and compact heads up to 8.5 kg.

•Folded min. size: two sections, 102 cm
•Max. height: 260 cm
•Diameter: 9.5 cm
•Weight: 2.09 kg
•Max load: 8.5 kg
•Extras: Air cushioned
•Colour: black anodised

Superlight boom-stand, to be set in any kind of positioning. A generator can be placed
(as a f.e. counterweight) on the small plattform. The wheelset is perfectly moving on all kind
of floor surfaces, meanwhile the positioning of the stand or boomarm can be handled easily
by one person. This makes the Polystand a great tool for the El Octa/Recta/Quadra and
EL STRIP series.

Major Price Reduction: Was €355, reduced to: €229 !

Also ideal to be used for other large Lightbanks (like Chimera).

Maximum height 355cm till very low positioning. 5 cm above the studiofloor.

A stand especially designed for portrait-model-figure-full body shot sessions and larger
Softlights (softboxes).

Easy to assemble (length 154cm fold-in-Bag). Weight only 5,8kg.
Counterweight for boom available (Tristar, Manfotto).

This stand will be especially recommanded, for the smaller Studio Spaces

EL-Boom Arm 63 – 156 cm // 31049

The EL- Boom Arm with rubberised handgrip extends head / hair lights up to 156 cm. This is a comfortable way, to hold up lighting equipment over the subject. The profiled extension tube avoids heads, reflectors spinning around, even when used with a softbox. The two sections of the EL-Boom Arm can be quickly adjusted with the clip-locks.

Min. size: two sections, 63 cm // Max. extension 156 cm // Weight: 0.44 kg // Rubberised handgrip // Profiled aluminium tubes // Standard spigot for EL-Flashheads and the Ranger Quadra heads.

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