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Elinchrom ELB 1200 Power Pack, with battery, Air 90Wh & Charger

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Part Number:  10289.1
Brand:  Elinchrom

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The Elinchrom ELB 1200 is a revolution in portability and weather resistance, making this battery pack the ideal power-tool for the most adventurous photographers. Its robust practical design with large OLED display makes the control of its many functions simply intuitive, offering the most creative options whilst leaving your mind free to play. Light in weight yet rick in performance, the ELB is built to deliver more. Faster recycling with more flashes per battery, a larger power range with shorter flash durations and better control of colour.

The power pack, lithium-ion battery, charger, and sync cord are included. The pack's good looks and convenience features are backed by high performance. Speed is the operative word. The pack can deliver its 1200Ws symmetrically or asymmetrically in 1/10 or 1 stop increments with 8.5 stops of power variability from 7 to 1200Ws. There are three flash modes: Eco, Default and Fast, and the pack recycles to full power in 1.7 seconds in Fast Mode. Flash duration is an action-stopping 1/8850 second at 33% power with the optional Action Flash Head. The EL 1200 runs on the included lithium-ion battery Air battery that gives you 215 full-power flashes and 80 minutes of run time for the LED modeling light. An optional, more powerful HD battery provides 400 full-power flashes and 120 minutes of run time.

Elinchrom has redesigned the separately purchased Action, Hi-Sync, and Pro flash heads with use with the ELB 1200 in mind. The Hi-Sync head is optimized for HS shooting up to 1/8000 second while the Pro head will give you 1/5050 second flash duration at 140Ws. True to its name, the Action head will give you the fastest flash duration of 1/8850, when set to 172Ws. Each fan-cooled head is outfitted with a bright LED modeling light that draws minimal power from the pack. The ELB 1200 has settings on its OLED display for On, Free (selectable level), Timer (1-60 seconds), Proportional (to power level), and Dimming (from 5 to 100%. Triggering options include the included 3.5mm sync cord, but the EL 1200 has a built-in EL Skyport receiver that will allow you to wirelessly fire the unit at distances up to 656' with the addition of an EL Skyport transmitter.

Key Features

Fast recycling times (1.7 seconds in fast modes, 3 seconds in default mode)
Head with 92 CRI daylight LED equivalent to 250w halogen.
Heavy duty compact head 22.5 x 14 x 23cm weighing 2.2kg with silent video mode.
The most compact pack 18 x 13 x 28cm including battery.
Weight 4.3kg including battery.
Li-ion battery air; 215 full power flashes; weight 1.1kg (Included)
Weather resistant design.
The creative suite, strobo, sequence and delayed flash.

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