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Elinchrom ELB 1200 12v Car Charger

Elinchrom ELB 1200 12v Car Charger
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Price:  £96.00(Inc. 20% VAT)

Part Number:  11038
Brand:  Elinchrom




key Features

Connect the ELB 1200 Car Charger (11038) first to the 12V (or 24V) car plug and then to the ELB 1200 Battery.
Charge progress is displayed by a red LED.
After approx. 180 minutes ( ELB 1200 Battery 144 Wh), a green LED indicates that the battery is charged up to 95%.
ELB 1200 Car Charger are compatible with both ELB 1200 Battery HD (19296) and the ELB 1200 Battery Air (19297).

Note: Storing your battery pack without recharging or not using it for more than 6 months can cause it to go into a deep discharge mode. This mode will considerably increase the recharge time of the battery. Store only recharged batteries and disconnect them from the power pack. To avoid deep discharge, please do not store fully charged battery packs for more than 6 months without use. If you have several batteries please make sure to use all the units or alternate amongst them.

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