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Elinchrom ELB 1200 HS Head

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Part Number:  20188
Brand:  Elinchrom

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The ELB 1200 Hi-Sync Flash Head from Elinchrom is one of 3 flash heads redesigned for use with the ELB 1200 battery-powered pack. If you're using High-Speed Sync to control ambient light, freeze action or to use wide apertures for shallow depth-of-field, the Hi-Sync head is for you. When combined with the separately purchased EL-Skyport Plus HS Transmitter, shutter speeds as short as 1/8000 sec are possible. Featuring aluminum construction, the head conserves battery power with the use of a 50 W LED modeling light with a tungsten equivalent of 250 W. The lamp is daylight balanced with a high CRI of 92 allowing it to be used for video if desired. The lamp gets 80 minutes of run time with the standard ELB 1200 battery. The fan-cooled head has a Silent Video Mode for sound-sensitive venues. Modeling light settings include On, Free (user-selectable) Proportional (to selected power level), Dimming and a 1-60 second Timer. A VFC (Visual Flash Control) shuts down the light after exposure and turns it back on when the pack has recycled. The ELB 1200 Hi-Sync Flash Head has a 5/8" receiver for light stands and will accept both 7 and 8 mm umbrella shafts.

Key Features

New robust aluminum housing with ergonomic carrying and positioning handle.
Ultra-bright daylight LED modelling lamp for video and still photography.
The cooling fan can be deactivated, when used in video mode.
Programmable 50 W (equivalent to 250 W Halogen/ 4000 Lumens) daylight 92 CRI LED modelling lamp with timer and on, free, prop, and VFC options.
New ultra-strong metal tilt-head with extra 8mm umbrella fitting.
New centered umbrella tube for 7mm umbrella shafts.
Four metre heavy duty flash cable.
Freeze action and control ambient light at up to 1/8000s with EL-Skyport Transmitter HS.

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