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Paterson 12'' Thermometer
Paterson 12" Thermometer£14.00

Measures from 15°C to 65°C.

Paterson Developing Dishes
Paterson Developing Dishes£15.00  -  £66.00

Set of 3 available in 5 sizes.

Paterson Print Tongs
Paterson Print Tongs£9.00

Set of 3

Paterson High Speed Print Washers
Paterson High Speed Print Washers£29.00  -  £49.00

For Resin Coated Papers.
Available in 8x10" & 12x16"

Paterson Auto Print Washers
Paterson Auto Print Washers£129.00  -  £199.00

For Fibre Based Papers.

Paterson Rapid Drying Rack
Paterson Rapid Drying Rack£38.00

For Resin Coated Papers

Paterson Darkroom Safelight
Paterson Darkroom Safelight£28.00

Suitable for use with black and white papers.

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f: 01636-821719
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