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Morco Limited
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By appointment.  Please call to confirm stock availability.

About Morco Limited

Since 1987 Morco Limited has been a leading UK supplier of a wide range of top quality products to professional and amateur photographers, educational establishments, hospitals and government departments, etc., etc.  We also export worldwide.

We are the sole UK distributor for BEATTIE Camera Focusing Screens, PHOTOTHERM Automatic Film Processors, SP 4x5" Film Processing Tanks, OMEGA Enlargers and WEIN Flash Triggering Systems and Camera Batteries. We also manufacture MORCO Focusing Cloths for large format cameras.  Some of these products are no longer in production, but we still provide backup.

We have a well earned reputation for supplying FILM at very competitive prices, as we also have for PAPER & CHEMICALS and DIGITAL MATERIALS.  We offer a large range, which is fresh and fully guaranteed.

STUDIO PRODUCTS are also a speciality, plus associated accessories, especially BACKGROUND PAPER. We have always been known for DARKROOM PRODUCTS and continue to supply everything required for the modern darkroom. If you are planning a new studio or darkroom, we can help with design, equipping and even construction.

A vast array of CAMERA, STUDIO,  DARKROOM & DIGITAL materials, equipment and accessories is only a call or a click away....

If the product you require is not on our website, we can probably supply it - and at a very competitive price! - please contact us.

Just added...
Kodak Professional T-Max 3200
Kodak Professional T-Max 3200£7.50

Available in 35mm 36 exposure

Colorama Translum Translucent Diffuser/Backdrop
Colorama Translum Translucent Diffuser/Backdrop£33.90  -  £76.90

Translum is a versatile, semi translucent plastic material designed for diffusing light and creating stunning visual effects in the studio or on location. It is available on a roll in two widths with three different diffusion densities to choose from

SP-445 4x5'' Film Processing System
SP-445 4x5" Film Processing System£96.00

Daylight Film Processing System for 4x5" Film

t: 01636-823922
f: 01636-821719
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