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Weincell MRB675

Weincell MRB675
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Part Number:  990122
Brand:  Wein

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Replacement zinc air batteries for discontinued mercury cells.  Keeps older cameras, exposure meters etc. working.  
All cells are 1.35v which is the same as the original mercury version and maintains accuracy of the exposure meter - beware of alkaline 1.5v options, which do not!
All Weincells offer up to 10 years shelf life.

Boots Pacer 35EC
Carena 100, 1000, Micro Compact, PX1.   Chinon 35EE, 35F-EE.   Cosina Compact, Hi-matic
Edixa TL, T500, T1000, 2MTL.   Exakta Compact 35, 35E, EXA, FE2000, TL1000, Twin TL
GAF Memo 35ET
Halina Autoflash 35
Konica C35EF, Autoreflex T, AS, FTA
Minox B/BL.   Miranda Auto Sensorex EE, REII
Olympus D2, Pen D3
Petri Color, Color 35, FA1, F2, MF1, M35, 35E
Rollei Mat-AF

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